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I am a part time NHS Rheumatologist and spend virtually all of my spare time painting. I find that this is the perfect balance for me- keeping the scientific and artistic parts of my brain enthusiastic, active and engaged, generating new skills and ideas to progress and improve in each of my roles.

I live in the Cotswolds, and paint mainly local landscapes, inspired when out and about walking in fields, villages and towns. I also paint scenes related to my favourite places in the UK-in particular NW  Scotland ( where I have spent every summer for the past 25 years), also Wales, Devon and Cornwall.

I like to sketch and paint en plein air, often finishing works or creating larger works based on sketches when back in the Studio. I favour oils for landscapes of land or sea in which the light and in particular the clouds demand an impressionistic approach, to allow the piece to reflect more than simply a snapshot of what is in front of me, and give the viewer a  role in interpretation.

My work is available online with British Contemporary Art ( www.britishcontemporary.art) and  at the Affordable Art Gallery, Burford Garden Co. I also exhibit in local Galleries and sell work  on my Facebook and Instagram. 

Please contact me if you are interested in any of my work, or want to chat about anything art related!!





           www.britishcontemporary.art      @britishcontemporary.art

2020  Group Exhibition at the Gardens Gallery, Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham.                               Abigail Waddell, Rachael Thorogood, and Jaynie Tricker.  

2016-ongoing   Affordable Art Gallery, Burford Garden Co.   

2017-2019  Chedworth  Roman Villa 2017-18 and Artist in residence 2019

2018   Selected for The Times and Sunday Times  Literature Festival Art Exhibition

2018   Regency Gallery Cheltenham Summer Exhibition     2018

2017   Gloucester ‘’Art in the City’’  Winner of the plein air competition 

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