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All are original works painted  in oil on board or canvas. I have included small and large paintings, ranging in size from 15x15 cm to 100x100cm.  Some are sketched en plein air on location, others are finished in the studio, or painted from photos I have taken while out and about. I have plenty more- see insta or facebook, or contact me re others available or commissions

Work varies in price depending on size and whether framed or not- to give you an idea the range is £ 150 for the smallest unframed plein air pieces , to £1150 for the bigger canvases. I can advise on frames or frame for you 

 I have included sold pieces as well as available pieces further down the page so you can see examples of my work

​Work is available direct from  me  here-contactme   

I also sell through various galleries, and will know where any piece is if it is not with me, again contact me for details.  The galleries are currently, Burford Garden Co. gallery,  and  Spencer House Gallery, Tetbury. I have lots more work at my studio, not listed, that I can 

show or upload if necessary. 

Please contact me if you are interested in any of my work, or want to discuss commissions or  anything art related!

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